Could Be Free

The 4th is a holiday

That I’m proud to celebrate… 

A few generations

A little ways back,

This country an’ its values

Were under attack,

Brave men like my daddy

my grandfather an’ y’urs,

Sisters an’ brothers

An’ mothers, I’m sure,

Ther’ was nephews and nieces

Cousins an’ kin,

They put up ther’ dukes

An’ fought to the end,

An’ them that survived

Would do it again,

They shouldered the burden

When it came their way,

So you an’ I

“Could Be Free” today,

 Many came home

Wounded and frail,

Some of ther’ stories

They never tell,

But they fought for this country

An’ they did it well,

So when yu’r shoot’n

Y’ur fireworks today,

Or visit’n family

Down by the lake,

Remember this freedom

Came with a price,

Many a brave men

Paid with ther’ life,

So shake the hand of a man

That fought for this land,

Whether it was here at home

Or some desert sand,

A friend of mine

paid such a price,

HE made the ultimate sacrifice,

Ther’ on a cross

In some foreign land,

So you and I

“Could Be Free”,

 That was the plan…

Loren Dean

July 4, 2022

John 15:13 NIV

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Thanks for listen’n, an’ as always, keep shar’n the good news!