LOVE Yourself Within

If ther’s a mountain on y’ur threshold

You could use another door,

If sadness comes in the morn’n

You could sleep an’ hour more,

If life’s day-to-day is too heavy for you to tote

Then take a knee an’ talk to God

Exercise y’ur hope,

If all y’ur plans have gone awry

Plan y’ur thoughts

For y’ur new retry,

If you feel y’ur life is like a curse

Don’t blame y’urself

That makes it worse,

If you take a shower 

An’ it burns like fire,

Then take a bath

 If clean is y’ur desire,

If you take a bath

 An’ think you’ll drown,

Then wash y’ur face with friends around,

If you haven’t washed y’ur hair in days

You shouldn’t throw y’ur crown away,

One day is not a lifetime

Defeat will come for sure,

But y’ur not a failure

If you always try once more,

Sometimes it’s a hard fight

Sometimes a mild retreat,

It’s OK to take a moment

If you want to rest y’ur feet,

If y’ur mind feels like it is fractured

An’ y’ur unable to compete,

But this world won’t stop turn’n

The mountain will always be at y’ur feet,

You have to keep trying… try, try, again

Climb it at y’ur own pace

But, “LOVE Yourself Within”…

Loren Dean

April 14, 2021

First Corinthians 13 verses 4 through 7

“Self- love is not about putting yourself above others to boost your self- image. Neither is it beating yourself up when things go awry. No, self- love is about being patient and kind to yourself even when mistakes were made.”

 unknown source

Thanks for listen’n, an’ as always, keep shar’n the good news!