Stand Still

Your life has been all that it is,

Some days are good

Some days are better,

But the clock of life

Is only wound one time,

You may never know

Where the hand stands still,

In the first hours of morn’n

Darkness may be all you see,

The last hours of the day

Maybe dark indeed,

But the light of day

Does shine in the midst,

You’r somewhere in the middle

An’ that’s all that you have,

Live life today

Like you never have,

Be the light that shines

Amidst the darkness,

Brighten the day

Of those along you’r path,

Live well, love much

Do not toil in vain,

Today could be the last day

For you to take His name,

Jesus is a friend of mine

I offer Him to you,

I hope that you will take Him

Before you’r time is through,

You still have today

Use it as you will,

Before you’r time, stands still

Loren Dean

August 25, 2020

Psalms 39 chapter 4 – 7

“Remind me that my days are numbered and Lord my hope I put in you”

Thanks for listen’n, an’ as always, keep shar’n the good news!